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Military Grade + IP68 Ratings

The XRover C is backed by an international rating of IP68 with military-grade protection
level, accompanying you to shrug off even the fiercest drop and shock
on construction sites, farms and extreme outdoor environments.

Unbreakable Design

Design engineering decisions on the XRover C are made to ensure its performance
in harsh environments, making it unbreakable in the extremes.

Top Waterproof Technology

The tight seal design featured on the XRoverC seals off all major ports of the phone to let it survive in the depth of water.

Superior Dustproof

The XRover is the ideal device to work even under
heavily dusty or sandy environments. Its superior seal
ability guarantees a dust-free working environment
inside your phone and makes it tough enough to
handle all the elements, including salt mist spray,
salt fog or sand.

Highly Resistant to Drops

The XRover C is drop-tested onto concrete from up to 2m (6.5ft) to prove its rugged credentials.
Protected by glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate and pressure-resistant screen, the XRover C
is able to withstand drops and absorb shocks, making your phone free from falling down apart.

Extreme Temperature Expert

The XRover C is made to operate in extreme cold and hot temperatures. It can endure in temperatures ranging from
-40℃ up to 70℃ thanks to its highly ruggedized and durable TPU and polycarbonate structures.

Immersively Stunning Visuals

Featuring an 18:9 full-screen design, your XRover C can display up to 20% more texts and images.
The 5.72" HD+ IPS screen is combined with up to 500 cd/m2 brightness, enabling your XRover C to display crisp
texts, sharp images and videos even in bright

Stay Connected

The XRover C is a true world phone. Support for 21 network bands
across the globe means you can travel pretty much anywhere with
your XRover C without worrying about network coverage.

Professional Tools at Your Disposal

The XRover C is equipped with full range of professional sensors such as GPS, GLONASS, NFC and Gyroscope to further satisfy
your every demand in need. To further meet the demanding requirements of users, we equip the XRover C
with multiple professional tools for more worry-free journeys.

PTT – One Button to Talk

With a single push of the PTT (Push-to-talk) button on your XRover C, you can enjoy effective,
efficient and economical communications without a hitch, making your
XRover C an essential tool for oudoor activities.

Capture the Splendid Wilderness

13MP + 2MP Rear Dual Cameras

The XRover C comes with rear dual cameras to capture tiny details with extreme ability.
With it, wonderfual moments could be captured as clearly as it happens.
A perfect companion for outdoor photography enthusiasts.

8MP Front Sharpshooter

The 8MP front sharpshooter of the XRover C captures images with vivid colors
and true-to-life details, enabling you to produce more insight into life’s magical
moments in a flash and deliver even better selfies at night!

RealPower Solution

The XRover C packs a huge 5000mAh battery which takes the rugged phone to
a whole new level. Even under heavy use, it can last up to 3 days. Team with
quick charge technology and OTG reverse charging, you can refill the battery
bright over a coffee time and let your XRover C charge other phones with ease.

Impressive Combination of
Power & Efficiency

The XRover C features power aware scheduling, thermal management and UX monitoring
leading to a sustained high-performance and reliably consistent user-experience.

Wet and Dusty?
No Problem

Face + Fingerprint Unlock

The XRover C’s fingerprint sensor is equipped with Smart Unlock technolo-gy
providing extra accuracy to fingerprint unlock.Even when your hands are covered
by dirts and muds, you can unlock your XRover C with ease.Now you can
also unlock your XRover C with face recognition. It offers easy and secure way to
unlock your phone by remembering more than 30,000 dots of your facial features
private enough to protect your privacy.

A Great Breakthrough of
Phone Loud Speakerd

Immersive Quality

By adopting the latest speaker box technology, XRoverC can offer you an immersive acoustic experience
by accurate control of the vibration of the speaker, which ensures that you get the clearest
sound without tremolo. By fully playing the speaker’s performance, the sound volume and quality
is significantly improved without any cracking and reaches high quality level.