M9Pro screen

4G + 4G VoLTE

The M9 Pro introduces the latest Dual SIM, Dual 4G VoLTE technology that brings 4G LTE to both SIM slots in ‘dual SIM dual standby’ (DSDS) equipped smartphones. This dual SIM, dual VoLTE technology has 4G LTE benefits such as a high data throughput performance, more reliable coverage, lower power consumption and a consistent HD call quality when you make calls via either cellular connection. As some regions face the imminent end of life for older 2G/3G technologies, dual 4G SIM-enabled M9 Pro provide a future-proof upgrade, making you enjoy the latest communication experience without a hitch.

Dual SIM Dual 4G VoLTE Future-proof HD 4G SIM 1

Highly Immersive Visual Experience

5.72-inch IPS Display

The M9 Pro features a 5.72 inch IPS display. By adopting the latest full-screen design and ultra-thin bezel, the M9 Pro will definitely deliver the most immersive visual experience. With IPS technology, the M9 Pro makes images more vivid and gives you a bigger viewing angle, offering true-to-life color reproduction and giving a most impressive display performance. What’s more, the M9 Pro adopts more advanced multi-touch panel technology. A total of five touch points are supported to achieve perfect touch experience.

1440*720p (18:9)
NTSC Color Gamut
5 points
Touch Screen

Balanced Hardware For
Minimized Power Consumption

The M9 Pro is powered by a cost-effective, yet highly modern featured
smartphone SoC with an efficient 64-bit quad core, ARM Cortex-A53 CPU
that operates up to 1.5GHz, increasing operation speed by more than 25%
compared to previous generation while reducing power consumption by
30%, helping you run apps and play games at your will.
Combined with the 2GB RAM, the M9 Pro is a good performer breezing
through most apps and games.

2 GB
16 GB
32 GB Expandable
TF Card

Operation Speed
Increased by 25%

Power Consumption
Reduced by 30%

Face Access

Your face is your new password

Now you can use your face to interact with your phones with ease. The M9 Pro
will record your face data and store it into independent ISP chip for ultra-fast pro-
cessing. Whenever you bring up your phone, it will unlock immediately.

Face Access

Unlock in 0.1s

Tottenham Hotspur Striker: Kieran John Trippier

Fast, Precise, Vivid

13MP + 2MP Rear Dual Camera + Dual Flash LED

With more light absorbed and more clarity, the 13MP + 2MP dual rear camera captures life magical moments in its vivid details to inspire your inner photographer. You can expect image quality and rendering power that every photo fanatic deserves from a phone.

Front Camera
Pixel Size

Dual Camera, Picture Perfect

The M9 Pro’s cutting-edge dual camera features Brand New Portrait Mode in
SLR-like bokeh effect. Foreground figure is more clear than ever before while
background image is blurred in a way that is pleasing to the eye, enabling you to
shoot out the most stunning photos.

Capture Your Beauty

5MP Front Camera + Flash LED

Front Camera
Soft Light LED F2.2
Pixel Size

Feast on Android Oreo

Experience the latest Android 8.1 in the M9 Pro. The new Android Oreo works perfectly with the M9 Pro to provide a
much smoother operation speed and steadier operation experience.
Based on Android 8.1, our engineers optimize the OS, allowing you to customize your phone with much richer and
more beautiful UIs. Show your identity with a unique UI.

Touch Access

While the face recognition brings fresh experience and more convenience, the fingerprint
sensor makes it more secure to unlock,
authenticate and pay. Thanks to Smart Unlock technology, the M9 Pro has independent ISP for storing and processing your fingerprints.
The sensor actively learns and progressively improves, so your scans get even more precise over time.

360° Fingerprint ID  |  Unlock in 0.1s

Smart ISP Chipset  |  Multi-Function

Beyond All Day Battery Life

Filled with an efficient 3000mAh battery, the M9 Pro can last all day with one charge.
After 500 times of charging and discharging, at least 90% of its initial rated capacity
is still retained in the battery and its service time is twice than that of common ones.
Coupled with system-level LEAGOO OS optimizations, it guarantees up to an average
7-day standby time. So now you can enjoy movie marathons, launch apps, and play
games without worrying about running out of battery.

7h 19h 33h 9days

Video Play Continuous Calling Normal Use Standby