FAQ-LEAGOO Smartphone
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  • How can I connect my phone to a PC via a USB cable?
    When your device connects to a PC, the device will ask you which mode you want to access to. 1) Charge this device--Just charge this device 2) Transfer files-- Transfer files to another device 3) Transfer Photos(PTP)--Transfer photos or files if MTP is not supported(PTP) 4) Use device as MIDI--Use this device as MIDI
  • What kind of inappropriate phone using habits may cause hidden battery risk?
    1) Using non-standard charger instead of official charger. 2) Using damaged cables or chargers, or charging with moisture , which might cause fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to your phone or other property. 3) Exposing your phone or battery to heating source. 4) Charging your phone for long time frequently will reduce the battery’s life. **When you use the LEAGOO original charger to charge your phone, make sure the USB cable is fully inserted into the adapter before you plug the adapter into an electric outlet.



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