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  • How can I add new widgets or change wallpaper/theme/effect on the Home screen?
    To add new widget or change wallpaper/theme/effect on the Home screen, long press the Home screen which isn’t occupied; A. Press Widget, you will see all the widgets. Press and drag a widget to your desired screen. B. Press Theme, you will see More/Default/Built theme, select theme as you like. C. Press Wallpaper, you will see More/Default/Built wallpaper, select wallpaper as you like.
  • How can I set screen lock?
    In order to protect your personal information, you can adjust your phone’s lock settings by pressing Settings -> Screen lock ->Unlock with Fingerprint(Continue or Cancel) -> (1) Press Continue, you would be asked to choose your backup screen lock method (a. Fingerprint+ Pattern b. Fingerprint+ PIN c. Fingerprint + Password) (2) Press Cancel, move back to settings. Or you could press Settings -> Security -> Screen lock to choose Screen Lock methods. *After you setting your locks, a lock screen displays whenever your screen is woken up, requesting pattern, PIN, password, or fingerprint.
  • How can I set the navigation bar---Back, Home and Recent?
    You can hide the navigation bar as following steps. 1) Press Settings. 2) Press Navigation bar. 3) Activate Navigation bar hidden or not by choose icon, change the style of navigation bar as you like. *If you want to use the navigation bar when the navigation bar is hidden, please slide up from the screen bottom.
  • How can I Import/Export contacts from SIM card?
    You can follow below steps to add contacts. 1) Press Contacts. 2) Press , then a menu appears. 3) Press Import/Export. 4) Choose where you want to copy contacts from and then press Next. 5) Choose Where you want to copy contact to and then press Next. 6) Select the contacts you want to Import/Export and then press Next. 7) Press OK in the top to finish the procedure.
  • How can I change default ringtone and volume for incoming calls?
    Settings -> Sound ->( You could adjust Media Volume, Alarm Volume, Ring Volume, Phone Ringtone, Messages Ringtone, Default Notification Ringtone,Default Alarm Ringtone, Other Sounds and Sound Enhancement)
  • What can I do if my phone asks to enter Google account data after Factory reset is done?
    You may need to enter the original Google account that was used on this phone after you execute Factory data reset, otherwise you will not be able to use the phone. This is Factory Reset Protection. If you don’t remember your Google account, please complete Google account recovery procedure. In case you can’t recovery it, please Email to service@leagoo.com.



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