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What should we be attention to when using your handset?

The following is a list of don’ts: Do not put in damp places, in case the mobile phone be affected with damp, do not put them with the hard thing, in case of damage, don't disassembly the unit by yourself. Don't tear Battery box label off. Don't charge too long over 24H; Don't put your unit in high-intensity magnetic field. Please use original accessories especially for battery, charger, USB cable.

The charging time of a new battery?

Please read the instruction book carefully. if it is not mentioned , we suggest that charging for 12H or 14H after the battery use out.

Is the electromagnetic wave highest or lowest when power on or off?

It is higher than standby model.

Wha's the main factor influence the handset's standby time?

Signal strength; holding time; game time or other function working time battery capacity and so on

How can we deal with our mobile phone if can't power on?

Check whether the battery run out, whether it can power on after charging long time about 2-3 hours and then hold the power button along with volume Up at the same time to try it again.

Remove and re-insert the battery from your phone

Whether it can power on after changing a new battery

check in our service center.

How can we deal with our mobile phone if signal not stable or call quality bad or often drop?

Check whether the network is bad or Surrounded with shielding; check in our service center

What's the temperature range LEAGOO phone can work normally?


What kind of occasion is not suitable for LEAGOO phone?

AS we known, mobile phone transmit information by wireless , it Will produce strong electromagnetic radiation when calling, it will disturb electronic instrument surrounded:

In hospital, some medical devices is not allow

Blast area, phone may cause explosive

In gas station ,chemicals, flammable gas storage and transportation warehouse, phone may cause fire.

On plane, your phone may jamming aircraft navigation system

Power off during a lightning storm, avoid from lighting attacks

In the high-voltage humid environment ,do not call to anybody, prevent from the high voltage electric field damage

When calling in, the surrounded causing big screen jitter or noise, you'd better far away from it

How to do when Phone lost? Can dead lock the phone by IMEI (ESN) number?and how to do it ?

Call police immediately, apply business downtime to Network providers.

Currently can not lock a lost phone and other related operations

What's the picture format of LEAGOO phone?


Does LEAGOO phone cameras support auto_focusing?

Please refer to product definition, if CAM support AF , so yes. if CAM support FF, so no.

How to do if Cannot connect to WiFi

Suggest the customer to restart their device and the router, and then try connecting the WiFi to the router ,if it doesn’t connect, try connecting the device with other network available ,to determine if the device can not connect with the router or the network.

LEAGOO device uses the bandwidth at 2.4GHz with full network stability with the signal Please make sure that the router supports 2.4GHz for dual band (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz) devices

Check on Authentication Type and see what is selected, if it is WPA2-PSK,please try to changing it to WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

Check in our service center.

Why can't I hear any sound when making or receiving a call?

Make sure the protective film has been removed completely

Try to turn up the volume of the handset;

Try to change mobile signal, in your area might be poor;

If you cannot hear the voice of the receiver, it might be the problem of the receiver's phone or signal.

How to do when the screen freezes?

Hold the power + Volume down until the Factory Mode comes up and choose Reboot.

The Picture taken from the camera does not save!

Suggest the customer to check your file manger ,whether your phone red your SD card or not,and the SD card is full or not,remove the SD Card and use the camera to take the picture again without the SD mounted.

Cannot access Playstore!

Go to settings -- Application -- All -- Playstore -- Click on the application -- Delete cache -- Go back to settings -- Application -- Press on the left side menu of the device -- Reset Application.

How to deactivate Voice Recording on IRIS?

Press on the Telephone icon -- Press on the button left of the home button -- Settings -- Auto call Record and chose deactivate.

How to connect the device with a Computer?

When you connect your phone with the computer then slide down the menu from the top and you will find an USB icon and then choose to transfer file or MTP.

The device has issues like some cannot make a call. The device freezes and sometimes cannot go back to the Main Menu.

Suggest to enter SAFEMODE is the function to deactivate all applications on the phone without having to uninstall it. To enter SAFEMODE press the Power button and release your finger and when the LEAGOO Logo appears hold on to the volume down button until the SAFEMODE is activated as you will see it on the bottom left of the screen. When in SAFEMODE try using the functions and application that you were experiencing issues to see if the issue is there. To deactivate the SAFEMODE just reboot the device. If having tried using the device in SAFEMODE and still experience issues, trying uninstalling the application “Main menu -- Settings -- Application -- Application you wish to uninstall and then press uninstall. Or you can do a factory reset by press the power button together with volume up button and choose RESET PHONE but before you do so please do not forget to back up your phone to avoid losing any important data or files.

How to back up of your device?

You can back up your important files or data with an online account, you can backup contacts calendar and other important files from social media. Setting -- Account & Sync -- Choose Google -- Sign in Google account -- Choose all the files you wish to Sync. Duration of Syncing is based upon the Internet of your Mobile Operator.

How to deactivate Talkback function?

Use the index finger along with your middle finger and knock the screen slowly twice -- and then slowly move your finger to the setting -- Accessibility -- Deactivate Talkback.

How to do when forget password and the device is lock?

When input wrong pattern or password for 5 times you have to wait for 30s.If do forget, please power off your handset, press power on and volume down key to factory modern, and press clear emmc and( )but you will clear all the data so be careful.

How to set/close screen lock?

Do as follow set: setting---security----screen lock----choose the lock format you want.

Do as follow close: setting---security----screen lock----confirm saved pattern---none

The difference for restore all setting and clear all data.

Restore all setting: Restore all modified settings to the factory state, if your system setting abnormal, you can do this.

Clear all data: (Except for data TF card) all the data on the phone will be lost, including installed applications, phone book, text messages. (Note: When the phone is a serious anomaly, no other solution is only used this option with caution.)

The application original (like message, phone book ,ebook) missing , how to retrieve?

The system applications are unable to delete, maybe be moved to other folder.

How to screen shorts?

Press power on and volume down key.

How to create new folder? Re-name a folder ?delete a folder?

Create new folder: Long press any icon file, drag it to another icon file.

Re-name a folder: click the folder and open, name it

Delete a folder: drag the icon file out one by one ,then the folder gone.

How to stop screen into landscape model?

Click on the pull down menu, locking lock screen shortcut buttons can be vertical screen lock.

The image is fuzzy at first 3S when turning on camera, why ?

After camera turned off, the default focus is at infinity , and when the camera is turned on, it will automatically focus after the image stable. This process usually takes 2 to 3 seconds.

How to delete browser history record?

After entering the home ,open Browser Bookmarks --- History, Select the history will be able to see the latest web browser, long press can choose to delete this record.

How to switch on and switch to the next song by the headphones?

Switch on: press the key on headphone one time

Switch to next song: press the key twice

How to do if the receive sound small?

Make sure the environment is not noise.

Change your holding posture properly, make your ear closed to the receiver.

Confirm the receive volume is normal or not, if not please check your handset in LEAGOO service center

Did photo or video can make without inserting SD card?


Program installation failure in your handset, what's the causes and solutions ?

Reason :Apk itself has defects; The program already exist in handset ; storage space is not enough

solutions: if it is already exists , please uninstall it;release internal storage space ,delete useless files.

How to do if your mobile phone running slow?

Shut down some running program in the background; Installed too many applications also make your handset slow, unloading some applications will help you.

Does LEAGOO handset support the snapshot two-dimensional code?

Yes, but you need to download the application of the two-dimensional code.

How to upgrade my device? Is it support OTA?

You could upgrade your device through: Settings – About phone – Wireless update – Check for updates. We suggest you not to flash your phone through USB, if you have any trouble with OTA, please contact your dealer for help

How can I prolong my battery life on my smartphone?

Open the Power saving mode,The brightness of the screen may affect the standby time of battery power. In the display setting, you can adjust the brightness to “auto” mode in order to reduce consumption. Leaving applications running in the background will increase the consumption of battery power, close the application that you’re no longer using. Try not to leave video or music playing in the background if necessary. If the battery drains fast even though there is no feature running, the battery may be wearing out and you need to seek a replacement for it.

Why is my phone's internal storage different from the specification?

Because the OS, preloaded APPs, recovery, cache and partitions etc. consume some space

How to reset my device to original factory settings?

Please do it through: Settings - Backup & reset - Factory data reset. Please be aware that you will lose all the messages, contacts, mails and 3rd party Apps if you reset your device. Please backup your data before reset.

Why can't my phone detect my SIM card?

The device might be set to Airplane mode or there is poor contact between the SIM card and phone, please turn off Airplane mode and re-insert the SIM card and try again. Your SIM card may be faulty, please request a replacement from your service provider. The SIM card deck may be damaged due to bad handling, please bring the phone to our service centre. Your SIM's frequency band may not adapt your phone, please double check your telecom carrier

What should I do if my phone is stuck on LEAGOO logo during boot?

This is most likely due to faulty phone firmware (Linux Kernel); you can do a hard reset by holding down the Power Button and Volume Down Button for around 10 seconds. Make sure your device is running the latest software, please update it if not.

Why can’t my phone use 4G LTE connectivity, even though it supports 4G LTE?

You may have set your phone to use only 3G connection, try changing it to 4G at; Settings -- Mobile Networks -- Preferred Network Type. Your SIM might not support 4G services, please request a new replacement SIM card from your service provider. You might be out of coverage area of your 4G services, please contact your carrier for more information.

My phone is always too hot when it is being used. How can I do?

It is normal for smartphone device to get hot when playing videos or games on it or charging it. Turn off WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth etc. if you’re no longer using them. Try not to use the phone during charging unless necessary.

What should I do if my phone is stuck on LEAGOO logo during boot?

This is most likely due to faulty phone firmware (Linux Kernel); you can do a hard reset by holding down the Power Button and Volume Down Button for around 10 seconds. Make sure your device is running the latest software, please update it if not.

Will my phone still be covered by warranty after I root it?

We will consider the warranty void if our technical team found out that the device had been rooted, and any replacement or repairing of parts will be billed upon our users. We are strongly against rooting our devices unless the users know what they are doing and are familiar with Android Operating System

How to do if your feature phone sounds low or no echo?

It is recommended that you try to set the volume level by pressing the ``Up`` and ``Down`` keys of the arrow keys during a call.

After charging the phone, power consumption fast, not lasting, or Can not be filled

try to close the background running program

replace the battery

please check whether the USB interface deform due to improper operation

please contact our service center