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The OTEDA 2016 Annual Conference

LEAGOO 2016-01-23

The OTEDA 2016 Annual Conference was successfully held. Let's review this event now.

Magnificent Hall
Guest Registration

Grand Entry

Distinguished Guests

Splendid Opening

CEO Mr. Johnson’s Speech
In the future, following up with the principle of “ One Road and One Belt” proposed by President Xi Jinping, OTEDA will initiate LEAGOO+ smart ecosphere in 2016. Guided by the user experience, we will offer better products and better service to consumers based on higher standard. LEAGOO team is a team with strong growth capacity and strong compressive resistance, which is extremely able to gain the business battle. In 2016, we will set up whole team training strategy, to build a LEAGOO style team.                             
Sun’s Speech, President of SMCA
On behalf of more than 2300 members of Shenzhen Mobile Communications Association, I am honored to express my hearty congratulations to this annual meeting. LEAGOO has set up a good example for Chinese mobile phones. I must speak highly of Mr. Johnson’s team! The mobile phone industry is flourishing and tempting. OTEDA is a team who is extremely operating brand.  I wish LEAGOO would become one of the world's best known brands.
Brilliant Performance

Lucky Draw

Awards and Prizes

Acceptance Speech of Employees

Pose for a Group Photo

Usher in the future