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LEAGOO New Elite Series Global Launch Conference Lighten Malaysia

LEAGOO 2015-08-14

China leading mobile phone brand LEAGOO holding it’s first global launch conference at Genting Hotel in Malaysia on August 12, 2015. Including the media, dealers and other hundreds of participants came to the conference to witness and share LAEGOO new Elite series big affair! 

With the passionate melodies, the conference officially began at seven pm! After LEAGOO CEO Mr. Johnson Zhuang’s speech, Elite Series were unveiled one by one. Elite 1 give the first attack as the flagship version of Elite series. Elite 1 does not make all fans disappointed, it has been advocating the Cost Performance not been cost-prohibitive this time, it It adopts top world's leading fingerprint ID function , stainless steel ring with sapphire glass, it only take 0.5 seconds through the whole unlock process. Hardware configuration also broke the previous LEAGOO Lead series model, a comprehensive upgrade. Octa core processor with 3GB + 32GB large capacity memory, both front and rear cameras using Sony camera, more creative magic cover design case and body back “Mirror” design.

With Elite 1 debut, the audience are more looking forward to the other two new Elite, it will surprise us? Then, Elite 5 has surfaced from the body as a whole, the 5.5-inch screen with a curvature of body, smooth lines, configured favorably, as a Quad core smart phone, Elite 5 features infrared remote control function. And 4000mHA battery and 4G network more to ensure its endurance and speed. Throughout the configuration and design of smart phones in the industry, Elite 5 can definitely be regarded as a conscience work.

Elite 1 and Elite 5 have already live up to expectations, compared to the previous two, Elite 4 overall appearance may be a bit petite, but as a 5-inch screen phone, its overall design is beautiful. 5-inch screen is designed to be easy to make the entire mobile phone seem heavy, but not Elite 4, ultra-narrow frame design, so that the entire screen get a wide vision, curved body also increases the grip comfort feeling. All people have suddenly see the whole model of joy, comes to configuration, Elite 4 has it’s specific users, just for smartphone users basic experience, Elite 4 perfect done it.

Throughout Elite three models, LEAGOO has a genius team, three products have their own merits, the user can get what they want. And in the development of technology, we are seeing LEAGOO’s stringent requirements on the configuration and pay attention on product design and user experience.

The conference bring to a successful close. Today many major brands jostling for overseas markets, LEAGOO team always moving steadily in configuration part and never stopped innovating, make the product with peace of mind, winning glory for the country. LEAGOO New Elite Series Global Conferences, a worthwhile trip for me~~~