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Change, is for another new splendid world!

LEAGOO 2015-06-02


As the “most creative oversea brand in China”, LEAGOO move forwards with the dream of offering “ Excellent

Smart Life” for consumers! Now on the occasion of sixth birthday of OTEDA Group – the parent company of
LEAGOO, we opened the new chapter of LEAGOO with excitement and pride. After elaborate site selection,
design and construction,we successfully moved the group headquarter, to offer better product with preferable
image and higher positioning.
LEAGOO is moved to No. 1206-1209, Building B, Huihai Plaza, Heping Road, Longhua New District with
area of 1200 m2.
After innumerable days and nights of struggle, we are delighted to see the new office. Moving is not only the
changing of company address, but also represents the will and determination of moving forward. Now, let us
feel the surprise and move of the new chapter jointly and directly!
Thank partners for celebrating the housewarming altogether! We have received your blessing, and may us 
moving forward together to build the new splendid world!
In addition to necessary open working area and leaders’ offices, it equipped with multi-function exhibition hall,
high-grade leisure cafe, negotiation room, staff dining room, etc., and integrated with office andleisure, filling
with internationality.
In the multi-function exhibition hall, the elegant appearance of LEAGOO products are truly reappeared, and 
there is the perspiration of LEAGOO’s products for you to reach and experience, just like exploring the power 
of science and technology.
In the leisure cafe, the quietness in a busy day and the peacefulness in hurried footsteps. It is a place for rest
and restart.
In neat and spacious office area, there is LEAGOO’ s working style of efficient and working attitude of
preciseness, everything is in order and moves forward.
Only elite leadership leads elite team, and LEAGOO’s high-level leadership made today’s LEAGOO. The office
pattern with unique design and delicate decoration manifest LEAGOO’s tastes and feelings!
The magnificent meeting room with simplicity records each innovation and change of LEAGOO team, with
meticulous arrangement and design, it makes the meeting rather than task, but interaction, communication and
growing together!
With honor and happy, LEAGOO continue moving forward. Totally new environment, new view, as well as new
target. And all of these are just a beautiful beginning!