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LEAGOO -- "Most Creative Overseas Brand in 2014"

LEAGOO 2015-04-28

Here comes the exhilarating news! Recently, on the Fourth Annual Meeting for China Mobile Phone Industry,
as a new emerging forces in smartphones, LEAGOO won the Title of "Most Creative Overseas Brand
in 2014"!

The Meeting for China Mobile Phone Industry is an annual grand meeting for the mobile phone industry, it is a

zero it’s also an annual meeting for brands representing Chinese level, high standard and industry thoughts,
which widely influences the society. The annual meeting is themed of “Industrial Interconnection & Ecological
Intelligence”, characterized with four highlights of “improving a high specification”, “setting a good example”,
“discussing the direction” and “promoting the cooperation”, and it is of great significance for the development
and innovation of China Mobile Phone Industry in the future.

The award-winning of LEAGOO for this time, is the highly recognition of China's mobile phone industry on

achievements of LEAGOO as the new emerging forces to mobile phone brands. Since the date of birth,
LEAGOO always focuses on product design, quality control and brand service; keeps improving product
details and pursuing micro-innovation; and provides global consumers with the most cost-effective products in
the brand concept of “Mostly focus on design, quality and service” and brand positioning of “Just For
Excellent Smart Life”.

Global Mobile Phone Industry has developed rapidly; the mobile terminal and intelligent application technology

are now profoundly changing people's life and work, China mobile phone industry is booming and became an
important driving force to promote the growth of our economy. At present, China has become the world's
largest mobile phone production base and the fastest growing consumption and application market, as the
"silicon valley" of China mobile phone industry, Shenzhen shoulders the important task of leading the industry
development direction, and the convening of annual meeting of the mobile phone industry can promote the
healthy development of the industry, and hope that Shenzhen Mobile Communications Association could
continue to provide good services and make greater contributions to China's electronic information industry.

And as the new brand shouldered heavy responsibilities, we know very well that, honor belongs to yesterday,

today is a new starting line for LEAGOO! Only carefully listen to the voice from customers and constantly get
rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, can LEAGOO feedback customers for their love. Here also comes
the news revealed in advance, LEAGOO’s flagship version product in 2015 - Elite 1 will strike a pose on the
stage on Hong Kong Sources Electronics Show, so please stay tuned!