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Position title Job category Number Place Time
Senior Product Manager Product 1 Shenzhen 2015-05-21
Jobs Responsibilities

1. Planning data analysis platform product, to optimize the user's experience.
2. To extract demand by communication for product design and operating business.
3. Design data analysis product and report system base on demand, and promote the construction of the system.
4. Popularize and optimize the product and report after online.
5. Maintenance and optimize the data product, organize writing the product operation manual.
6. Launch accurate data marketing to the users.
Marketing Commissioner Operating 3 Shenzhen 2015-05-21
Jobs Responsibilities

1. Alibaba account and online shop management, initiative to develop and follow up on clients.
2. Sales the products to the Sellers of E-commerce platform, such as Aliexpress, Taobao, DHgae and so on.
3. Make plan of expanding the market, develop clients independently and deal with the sales task required.
4. Conduct market research, market information collection and integration, and develop new marketing strategies.
Android Application Software Engineer Technical 2 Shenzhen 2015-05-21
Jobs Responsibilities

1.Be in charge of Android application logic and UI design develop.
2.Write design word and realization word.
3.According develop plan finish the working in time.  
Product Manager Product 2 Shenzhen 2015-05-21
Jobs Responsibilities

1.Be in charge of mobile phone ROM module design,version planning and manage .
2.Cooperate with vision designer,foreground/background system develop,testing… department, positive develop product, follow-up project proceeding.
3.Analysis user data and optimize product details according to the data excavate user's using habits.
Brand Vision Designer Design 3 Shenzhen 2015-05-21
Jobs Responsibilities

1.Be in charge of company brand design,product brand design.(contain: VI/ad/web/cartoon and other popularize medium design)
2.Partake in operate and manage brand, draw up brand vision standard.
3.Partake in working procedure and method summarize.